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Insiten To Swap Angular For CoffeeScript Across All Projects

Insiten to swap Angular for CoffeeScript across all projects

“JavaScript fatigue”. If you’ve been anywhere near the web development scene in the past several years, you’re undoubtedly familiar with this term that neatly describes the collective stress felt by front-end developers that’s caused by an overwhelming amount of change to the core language. Webpack, virtual DOM, components, encapsulation, state management … it’s all too much. What’s a dev to do with these feelings of exasperation and self-doubt caused by an industry that moves at breakneck pace and waits for no one?

At Insiten, we’ve decided that enough is enough. Frustrated with the biannual updates and constant evolution of Google’s Angular framework (currently on version 7 in a mere three years since its official release!), we are pleased to announce that we’re hereby abandoning all efforts with Angular and will begin converting all our codebases to delicious CoffeeScript.

We don’t expect this to be an easy undertaking, but we’re confident that developer satisfaction will skyrocket. “Data binding and lifecycle hooks are vaguely useful, but I really miss the old days of forcing updates to the DOM myself. I enjoyed getting my hands dirty — it was the work of a true artisan,” mused Huiqi Zhou. “I can’t handle the shackles of TypeScript anymore. If I can’t unpredictably mutate the shape of the data I’m working with at any given time, then I don’t even know what’s the point of working with JavaScript,” lamented Rachel Poulos. These sentiments only begin to scratch the surface of the development team’s ire, and everyone is excited to “wake up and smell the coffee”.

Stay tuned for future updates! We’ll be tracking our progress on our recently-updated MySpace profile, or you can also find us on LiveJournal at “InSiTeN_cOoL_CaTz_123”.

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